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Featured Events
BBHS Events 2016-17
SMSH 2016-17 Master
Brandi Frohock Maternity
Tori Pellerin Portraits
Trevor Peck Portraits
Wedding of Maigon and Jacob
Wedding of Valerie and Kenneth
Annie Catrou Veil Pics
Cajun Pools Headshots
BBHS 2015-16 Events
Tanner Taylor Senior 2016
Champ Family Portraits
Wedding of April and Aaron
Alexis Latiolais Senior 2017
Amy Arceneaux GTO
Abby Stiel
Noah Latour Senior 2016
Megan Lemaire Portraits
Wedding of Staci and Jonathan
LHS Dance Team 2016-17
Sharyn Dayton Family
Ashley Olivier Portraits
Blaine Roy 2016
April Guillory Maternity 3
Dawn Thibodeaux 1 yr old
Brandon Frohn Senior 2016
Carli Doucet Portraits
Taylor Dupont Senior 2011
Phillips Maternity
Caitlin Champagne Senior 2016
Bradley Louviere Sr 2016
Brandon Alleman Senior 2016
Hunter Hebert Senior 2016
Maigon Quebodeaux Bridal Portratis
Joni Leger Portraits
Kari Behan Portraits
Danyelle Doggett Senior 2016
Kaitlyn Bienvenu Senior 2016
Nathan Ratzlaff Senior 2016
Alexandra Hightower Senior 2016
Trevor Pellerin Senior 2016
Matthew Gardemal BBHS
Bailey Richard Senior 2016
Reece Frederick Senior 2016
Harley Patsy 11 mon
Jean-Paul LeBlanc
Cox Communications BR Div
Dustin Brown
Kailey Boutte Portraits
Movement Choice
Sara Solis Senior 2016
Staci Cormier Bridal Portraits
Dylan Galatas Senior 2016
Carly Courville
Staci Cormier Engagements
Hunter Warren Senior 2016
Ashlyn Broussard Maternity
Annie Catrou Evie 2 Year
April Comeaux Bridal Portraits
Coast Capitol Mortgage
Maigon Quebodeaux Engagements
Cox Communications 2016
Billy Hawley Senior 2016
Stiel Insurance Agency
Althea Duffy Portraits
Erica Flory Portraits
Donita Rajapho Portraits
Courtney Bishop
Krewe de Danse 2016
US-MMA 39 10-05-15
SMSH Holiday Shootout 2015
Wedding of Heather and Dwayne
Tiffany Comeaux Portraits
Marcelle Dinger Portraits
Elizabeth Scrantz 2015
Kevin Modisette Portraits
Toni Modisette Portraits
Sarah Blakely
Melissa Zembower 2015
Kaitlyn Duplechain Bridal Portraits
Christi Lyons Portraits
Eric Vice Portraits
Lana Blanchard Portraits
Lauren Tylock Portraits
Leilani Gibbens Portraits
Michelle Douet Portraits
Elizabeth Scrantz Portraits
Jessie Theriot Portraits
Kami Linzer Portraits
Lindsey Guidroz Portraits
Mike Collado Portraits
Ronda Roberts Portraits
Scott Fournier Portraits
Sherie Cline Portraits
Hailie Savoie Senior 2016
Jen Mestayer 2015
Wedding of Elizabeth and Kevin
Wedding of Tanya and Steven
Carol Fredrick Portraits
Theodore Marciante Portraits
Felipe Pinzon Portraits
Jaylyn Hebert Portraits
Allison Comeaux Portraits
Allison Sonnier Portraits
Chantal Albert Portraits
Chelsea Tabor Portraitsa
Danette Tabor Portraits
Dawn Thibodeaux Portraits
Erin Domingue Portraits
Kara Headington Portaits
Kara Owen Portraits
Kerri Latour Portraits
Raylyn Lavergne Portraits
Sharyn Dayton Portraits
Venessa Simon Portraits
Monica Ham Portraits
April Daigle Portraits
Erin Taylor Portraits
Eugene Broussard Portraits
Jamie Fleming Portraits
Joni Leger Portraits
Monica Champagne Portraits
Dawn Prioux Portraits
Wedding of Brandi and Nicholas
Wedding of Anna and Justin
Kaitlyn Duplechain Engagements
Annie Catrou 3 Yr Old
Jennifer Perron Portraits 6 month Old
Heather Michel Bridals
Tanya Breaux Bridals
Christy Walter Maternity
Nacol-Perron Family Portraits
SMSH Girls Action Basketball
Wedding of Lecey and Corey
Elizabeth Lemoine Bridals
Tanya Breaux Engagements
Wedding of Ashley and Jacob
Lavigne Portraits
SMSH Football Games 2015-16
Fleming Sr Home
Elizabeth Lemoine Engagements
LS Productions
Emily Blakely Portraits
Hayden Folse Pics
Jamie Fleming 2015
Lana Duhon Portraits
Wedding of Karren and Jerome
Danette Tabor Maternity
Jhan Beaullieu Portraits
Allison Comeaux 2 yr old
Morgan Sellers !!!
Krupa Newborn
Gravity Combat Sports 1
Wedding of Brittney and Raney
Ashley Beckwith Engagements
Wedding of Lauren and Matt
Terrance and Paige
Marley Blanchard Birthday Shoot
Ashley Beckwith Bridal Portraits
Bedrock Petroleum Vermillionville
Natures Link
Julie Gauze Engagements
Wedding of Heather and Paul
Cameron Gross Senior 2015
Jack Penny Senior 2015
The Movement Dance Academy
Errol Greig Family 2015
Annie Catrou Grand Couteau
Devin Pourciaux
Hailey and Haven
Joni Leger Twins 3 yrs old
Wedding of Christy and Preston
Harley Patsy Perron Newborn
Mary Claire Gossen Pics
Allyce Comeaux Pics
Keyvus Leon Senior 2015
Milan Butler Pics
April Daigle Family
Joei Jacob Pics
Camryn Guarino Pics
Kirstin Trahan Pics
Cajun Pools Shoot
Jacob Starks and Friends
Mandy Romero Portraits 2015
Taylor Montz Portraits
Laborde Law Firm
Zembower Dance
Sophie Stockstill Dance Pics
Amber Guilbeau Kids
Karren Senegal Bridal Portraits
Maria Benoit Portraits
Heather Hopson Bridal Portraits
Wedding of Kaitlyn and Lance
Jacob Starks Senior 2015
Kelly Krupa Maternity
Brittany Estis Bridal Portraits
Lauren Daigle Bridal Portraits
Tagen Thibodeaux Senior 2015
Curtis Joseph Senior 2015
Hailey Broullette Newborn
Mindy Sonnier 1 Yr Old
Chelsea Tabor 1Yr Old
Marley Blanchard Portfolio
Annie Catrou Evie 1
Michael Dominique Senior 2015
Brittany Bernard Newborn
Michelle Benoit Newborn at Home
Shanna Morgan Headshots
Alli Douet Senior 2015
Wedding of Katie and Ryan
Coast Capital Mortgage
Althea Duffy Infant
Nazarena Larriba Portraits
April Guillory 6 Month
Christy Lasalle Bridal Portraits
Hailey Broullette Maternity
Monique Hebert GTO Band
Kayla and Amy Heintz
Michelle Benoit Maternity
Jessie Theriot Vermillionville
Wedding of Monique and Noah
Denise Bienvenu Family
Hyman Family Portraits
Katie Lemaire Bridal Portraits
Ashley Olivier Newborn
Barbara Comeaux Girls
Wedding of Leah and Elliott
Natalie Schorrs Family
Curtis Joseph SMSH
Anna Delcambre Family
Jennifer Mestayer Christmas 2014
Kaitlyn Keyser Bridal Portraits
Chelsea Graham Bridal Portraits
Greg Knight Headshots
USA-MMA 11-15-14 Hilton Towers
Jeff Benton Headshots
Jamie Fleming
Kerri Latour
Lelani Gibbens
Christy Lasalle Engagements
Heather Hopson Engagements
Allison Sonnier Family
Wedding of Lacey and Dominic
Taylor Ardoin Senior 2015
Tylock Family
Amy Mouton Bridal Portraits
Chelsea Graham Engagements
Wedding of Nicole and Cory
Battle of the Bands 2014
Annie Catrou 2 yr old
Brittney Estis Engagements
Celeste Barrett 1 yr old
Kaitlyn Keyser Engagements
The Prejean Family
April Daigle Newborn
Nicole Smith Family
ADDC 2014 Formal Groups
Leah Patout Bridals
Ashley Olivier 2 yr old
Monique Vice Bridals
Wedding of Julie and Matthew
Wendy Carroll Family
Kaitlyn Freyou Senior 2015
Randon Costello Family
Parker Theriot 3rd Birthday Party
Lacey Champagne Bridals
Leah Patout Engagements
Monique Vice Engagements
Romero Family
Chelsea Graham Baby
SMSH Football Games 2014-15
Wedding of Leah and Jeremiah
Mandy Romero 6 month Caroline
Tate Miller Modeling
Nicole Bergeron Bridal Portraits
SMSH Volleyball 14-15
Jessie Theriot Acadian Village
Wedding of Victoria and Brent
SMSH Cheerleaders 2014-15
Wedding of Kristy and Justin
Felipe Pinzon Portraits
Erin Taylor 1 yr old
Julie Brasseaux Bridal Portraits
Chris Bishop Portratis
Prejean Family
April Guillory Newborn
Bedrock Petroleum Meeting
Lauren Tylock 3 yr old
The Comeaux Kids
Leah Abshire Bridals
SMSH Graduation Autumn
Wedding of Sierra and DJ
Elizabeth Scrantz 6 month old
Nicole Bergeron Engagements
Stansel Rice Headshots and apron
USA-MMA World 3
Wedding of Shella and Brad
Katie Lemaire Engagement
April Guillory
Mikiya BroussardSenior 2012
Joni Leger 3 yr Olds
Tommi Angelle Portraits
Kristy Mire Bridal Portraits
Monica Champagne
Kortney Broussasrd Portraits